Unique Ways to consume Cannabis

Hey folks! We’re back again with more cannabis industry information to help you learn the ins and outs of the happiest little herb in the world. This week, we’re going to be delving into some of the more unique cannabis products we’ve seen hitting the regulated market. We’re not talking unique strains, but wholly unique forms of cannabis delivery that many people may not have though of.

Things like what?

Cannabis Suppositories for example!


Yep, it’s weed for your butt! It’s a bit of a different delivery system for cannabis than I’m sure most people are used to. There are a couple of these products out there and they tout different potential benefits, such as CBD suppositories for relief from a variety of issues including menstrual cramps. These are intended for people who either will not or cannot ingest cannabis orally or through other means and are apparently quite effective. There are also THC suppositories, so you can quite literally get high off your ass.

How long have you been holding onto that line?

Longer than I care to admit. Anyway, there are also products that have been designed with those who use cannabis for the potential health and wellness benefits in mind. Things like THC inhalers, which are effectively asthma inhalers, but with THC instead of asthma medication. These devices release exact doses every time they are activated, which makes them perfect for people who want to manage exactly how much THC enters their system. Plus, you can’t get much more subtle when it comes to cannabis consumption than an inhaler. People will assume you’re just taking your medicine….which is kinda true (if you recall, I’m not a doctor, so when I say medicine, I mean it in a tongue in cheek way… you get it).

For those who are looking for something even more subtle that sports the same level of precision, there are also transdermal THC patches. These puppies behave the exact same as nicotine patches: simply stick them to your arm and wait, the THC within is time released to give you an exact dose over an extended period of time.

Anything else?

Just, so many unique edibles. Like, I get that eating cannabis isn’t exactly novel, but the fact that you can get infused hot sauce is never going to be not cool. Or if spicy food isn’t your thing, how about some infused sugar for your morning tea or coffee? Alternatively, if you’re a pasta loving kind of person like me, there’s even infused Mac n’ Cheese. Essentially, if you can think of a food item I’m sure they’ve infused it with cannabis. I just had a startling realization that there’s probably a THC infused Haggis somewhere out there, and I’m not sure how I feel about this.

And that’s my roundup of some of the more unique methods for consuming cannabis that presently exist in this whacky industry of ours. In no time at all I’m sure there will be even more advanced and startling methods of getting our favorite cannabinoids into our systems and I for one can’t wait!


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