Frequently Asked Cannabis Questions

Get the answers to the most asked weed questions and queries about Circa 1818.

When it comes to cannabis products sold at Circa 1818, all sales are final. Please speak with a management team member should you have any concerns regarding cannabis products purchased at our location.

Any accessories or merchandise (non-cannabis) may be returned for a full refund or exchanged if they are deemed defective or if they are recalled by the manufacturer. Any other returns of accessories or merchandise would be up to the discretion of the store manager.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the cannabis purchased through our store the best option would be to speak with a management team member. We will contact the licensed producer of the cannabis product to relay that information to them so that they can amend the issue as soon as possible. We are unable to refund or exchange any purchases on cannabis products.

We accept all valid forms of government photo ID including but not limited to up to date drivers licenses, passports and Canadian citizenship cards.

Delivery is available Monday to Friday until 8:30 PM.
Delivery orders can be placed directly on our website by clicking on the ‘Buy Online’ option.
Free delivery if your order is over 75 dollars (details located in ‘Buy Online’ section of website).

At present we have several different ways to purchase cannabis at our store. If you prefer to order remotely, the best option would be to use our online ordering system which is available through our website under ‘Buy Online’. You can choose to order delivery as well as pay online or in-store for pick-up! Please note that the person picking up/receiving the order must produce valid photo ID which matches the name under which the order was placed.

Our hours of operation are 9am to 10pm Monday to Saturday and 10am to 8pm Sunday. Hours of operation will vary depending on holidays. Any changes will be displayed on our website at, on our social media pages or relayed via a recording on our phone line at 1-289-252-1803.

Only adults over the age of 19 who possess valid government issued photo ID are allowed in a Cannabis retail store according to Ontario law. As such, we can not permit entry to children or anyone below 19 years of age.

We are located at 8 Strathy Road, Unit 3. Right in the heart of Cobourg’s retail district. Ample and accessible parking is located behind the building in order to provide our customers with a bit of privacy as they shop for their wellness needs.

We sell a wide array of cannabis products and accessories. At Circa 1818, we carefully selected a variety of products in order to give our community a wealth of options to choose from to start or continue their cannabis journey. We have everything from whole dried-flower for those who like to smoke their cannabis the old fashioned way, to edibles and oils for those who prefer to imbibe in a more subtle manner. We’re always getting new products in so feel free to check in with us regularly or visit our online cannabis products menu here.

When it comes to cannabis products, there is so much variety that it can sometimes be difficult to find the product that works best for you. Thankfully that’s where our experienced and helpful budtenders come in! We love cannabis and would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about the products we sell. It’s incredibly important to us that we help our customers to enjoy cannabis fruitfully and responsibly, so please let us guide you! And remember, there are no silly questions!

Currently in Ontario a person can make a single purchase equaling up to 30 grams of dried flower or its equivalent in other products. Printed on the label of each cannabis product we sell is a wealth of information including the amount of dry flower that is used to produce that particular product. 

It’s extremely important to us that we created a store that was as accessible as possible while still adhering to the regulations for a retail cannabis store. Our customer entrance is fully accessible with automated doors and we have prioritized handicapped parking available.

The legal age to purchase cannabis in Ontario is 19 and a valid form of government issued ID must be presented upon request in order to ensure that cannabis is enjoyed maturely and responsibly.

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