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Northumberland County's only locally owned licensed retailer

Our Story

There’s something in the air around Cobourg that makes everyday life a little more special. Maybe it’s the refreshing spring breeze that blows in from the lake, or the sun and sounds that mark the excitement of summer. Perhaps it’s in the colourful mosaic of leaves speckling autumn horizons and the snow kissed festivities of wintertime that can be felt in your bones. Whatever it is, we feel lucky to call this place home. Named in honour of Cobourg’s birthday, Circa 1818 combines our love for this special place with a passion for cannabis that we’re excited to share with friends, neighbours and day trippers alike. It’s a specially curated cannabis experience that rolls everything remarkable about this unique town together and takes the greatest moments in life even higher. Like the trusted neighbour next door, we’re here to support your cannabis journey with a helping hand and a watchful eye. Like a sunny afternoon at the beach, we can help you get baked with your best buds. That’s the way we cannabis at Circa 1818.
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Our Promise

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Only in Ontario’s Official Feel Good Town could a place like this exist. At Circa 1818, we’re on a mission to create an experience that is as comfortable and welcoming as all your other favourite shops and stops around Cobourg. When you stop by our place, you’ll find friends and neighbours hanging out, chatting about all things Cobourg and cannabis – with no judgements, just good vibes. Whether your last encounter with cannabis was yesterday, last year, or last decade, we’re excited to show you what’s new. Come on by, we’ll leave the light on for you.

Our Vision

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Circa 1818 is known for the friendly, knowledgeable staff and their ability to connect and build relationships with our customers. We make visiting our store an easy stress-free experience for shoppers of all types and knowledge levels. Everyone is welcome here and there are no silly questions.

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Our Mission

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We’re on a mission to break down barriers and bring the community closer together. As a proud locally owned and operated company, we’re excited to offer a Made in Cobourg, judgement-free cannabis shopping experience. In addition to providing a safe environment, we seek to support our community and neighbours through all aspects of our operations. From the contractors that built the store and the materials they used, to the products we carry and the team members that work in our stores every day, this is our community and we take care of it with pride.

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