The Rarest Cannabis Terpenes

Hey folks! Welcome back to another blog where I stand on the shoulder of cannabis researchers and experts in order to bring you the hottest cannabis info whilst simultaneously making myself feel smart. Cause self love is important. This week, we’re going to be talking about cannabis terpenes again! As a reminder terpenes are found all throughout plants in nature and cannabis has a ton of them. These are the guys that contribute to the aroma of the cannabis you’re smoking as well as many of the effects you’ll feel.

While we’ve gone over some of the common and less common terps that you’ll generally find in cannabis, this time around we’re going to close in on some of the absolute rarest terpenes of the bunch. The ones that stand out form the crowd, the Wonka golden ticket type terpenes that you might be able to find once in a blue moon when the planets are properly aligned. So, without further ado, onto the terps!


First up in our list of shiny rare terps is eudesmol. This little guy is what’s referred to as a sesquiterpenoid, which is a fancy name that my arts degree can’t begin to understand let alone explain. Outside of cannabis, one can find it in the bark of magnolia trees and has a woody/fruity smell reminiscent of yuzu.

Effect wise, eudesmol is looked at closely for its medicinal effects as opposed to its happy fun times features. It’s being studied in low doses as a means of fighting tumors and even helping with combating nicotine cravings. Which -take it from me- beats the crap out of chewing nicotine gum and eating an entire box of Fig Newtons because you’re jonesing for a cigarette. You’ll usually find this terp hiding out in Indica strains that are higher in CBD like Moby Dick CBD strains.


Of the terpenes I’m going to be talking about this week, this one might be the one you’re most likely to run into. While still rare, its one that I’ve noted on a few of the craftier strains that we’ve had in our store, like the occasional Sour Diesel. This is a behind the scenes terpene that tastes like citrus. Usually, it shows up alongside the far more common limonene, which ends up getting all of the credit for that orangey flavour that some strains have.

Its effects are also similar to limonene in that valencene tends to provide consumers with an upbeat boost to their energy. It also seems to possess some anti-inflammatory properties; however, we’re still waiting on the science to get back to us on that one. It is also (like many terpenes) a natural pesticide.


The last of the super rare terps we’re going to talk about today is the delicious cymene. Commonly found outside of cannabis in spices such as cumin, coriander, and thyme. When searching for it in the cannabis world, one can find it in small amounts in strains such as some variants of Mango Haze.

Like our friend valencene, this terpene features potential anti-inflammatory effects that are beneficial for fighting pain and chronic illness. This makes it a great terpene for those looking to combat chronic pain while still going about their day-to-day business.


And that’s wraps up my roundup of super rare terpenes! There are other rare terps out there worth mentioning, but that’s a post for another day. If you ever have any questions about terpenes (or really anything to do with cannabis) give us a call, visit the store, or even drop us a comment. There are no stupid questions!


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