The Cannabis Industry and the Environment

Hey folks! Another week brings another blog post full of so much knowledge, you’re going to have to grow a second head just to fit it all in there. All joking aside, this week I’m going to be talking about something near and dear to our hearts here at Circa 1818. We care a lot about what happens to this planet. Not only do several of us have children that we’d like to see grow and flourish, but also as lovers of cannabis we have a vested interest in keeping the planet safe for us and the myriad creatures and plants that call it home. If our whole ecosystem bites the bullet, where is the weed gonna come from? So, with that in mind we’re going to be taking a look at a few companies that have taken eco friendly initiatives to help mitigate some of the waste that the cannabis industry produces.

Companies that are keeping it Green

When it comes to keeping their company eco-friendly, cannabis brands have quite the uphill battle. Bureaucracy rules the world, and it tends to create a lot of waste. So, not only are brands restricted in the types of packaging they can use but also are competing with an industry that goes through cardboard like I go through cheese: Quickly and with zero regards to the consequences. There are a few brands that have risen to the challenge of trying to make as little of a negative impact on the environment as they can, and their due diligence deserves a little extra appreciation!

First up Wyld is a brand that some of us here absolutely adore. Not just because they strive for eco friendliness but also because their products taste frickan delicious and are made with all natural ingredients. Their commitment to remaining environmentally friendly extends all the way to achieving the landmark of making themselves one of (if not the first) Climate Neutral certified cannabis companies. This effectively means their business has little to no negative impact on the climate or environment in terms of co2 emissions etc. An impressive and worthwhile achievement indeed!

Next up, lets talk about Simply Bare. These folks make some of the absolute best flower around and a big part of that comes from their organic certified grow practices which includes using living soil, using only locally sourced grow nutrients like worm casings and fish meal and a commitment to continue reducing waste through the Environmental Farm Plan or EFP which are assessments created by farmers to help to reduce their impact on the environment and identify areas of environmental concern.

Up next is a brand that wears its environmental principles on its sleeve: The Green Organic Dutchman or TGOD. As their name implies, they are a certified organic grower whose mission statement is to leave as little of an impact as possible on the environment while contributing to improving the overall quality of life of their community. They do this by using living soil and locally sourced growing nutrients (much like simply bare) as well as through growing organic vegetables and fruits that they then turn around and donate to a food bank. Take notes kids, that’s how you get good karma.

Last but not least, let’s talk Pure Sunfarms. They’re definitely one of the most popular and recognizable cannabis brands on the regulated market owing to their reasonably priced and wide selection of strains. Something a lot of people aren’t aware of though is that they take a ton of extra steps to make themselves as green as they can while still keeping their costs from soaring. Their facilities use natural sunlight and collect rainwater to mitigate environmental damage and they use only recyclable materials in their packaging. In case you needed another reason to buy Pure Sunfarm’s weed.

To list all of the growers and brands who strive for sustainability would turn this blogpost into a novella and honestly, I think Brandon would take issue with me writing a novella on company time. So instead, I will suggest that if you’re someone who likes the idea of supporting environmentally conscientious companies, then take a look into the brands that you’re buying and support the ones that want to help keep the world beautiful.

Has all this talk of organic sustainability made you crave the greenest of green? Well then take a look at our menu!


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