Strain Highlight: Maui Wowie

Hey folks! We’re back again with another exciting blog post where we highlight a strain of cannabis because, well, honestly they deserve the attention. This week we’re going to be taking a look at a super popular sativa strain that sells like proverbial hotcakes every time we bring it in due to its amazing flavour and stimulating, upbeat effects. I speak of the tropical treat that is Maui Wowie.

Heavy Hitter

Maui Wowie is a strain that tons of people recognize, owing to its wide availability and high potency when it first showed up way back in the 60’s. During that time period a lot of the weed was pathetically weak by today’s standards. Fun story: When I was in school my landlady was this old hippie who hadn’t smoked weed since the 1970’s. Eventually she decided to give it a try again and asked for a toke off one of my joints. She took one pretty solid hit and coughed a bunch. I then watched her melt at the quantum level in real time. So, if someone ever tells you weed was better back then, it really REALLY wasn’t. THC potency usually topped off at about 10% for the average ganja they had floating around in those days. When Maui Wowie showed up with a potency that reach the 12-18 % range, people were blown away and it garnered a rep as an absolutely groovy bud.

Tropical Delight

If you currently have children between the ages of 2 to 15 you probably recognize the name Maui and its Hawaiian connections due to the untold hours you’ve spent listening to the movie Moana play in the background of your waking life. However, even without having to listen to a 3-year-old shrilly scream the words to “You’re Welcome” for six hours straight, the origins of this strain are pretty easy to figure out. It originated in the fair islands of beautiful Hawaii, propagating in the volcanic soil that makes it such a hotbed for lush life. It leans very heavily on the sativa side of things, making it a great toke for daytime use but not one you want to puff on before bed.  This might be one of the best “Get outside and do sh*t” strains in existence, so with summer on the horizon you should consider making this strain a mainstay of your stash.

The genetics of this popular strain are not known, with plenty of theories and variants but no definitive lineage. What can I say? Stoners aren’t always the most diligent record keepers.

So, if you’re looking for a tasty morsel to help you enjoy your day to the absolutely fullest, look no further than the sunshine-y strain that is Maui Wowie.

As always, check out our menu for this and other great strains and products!


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