THCV: The Diet Cannabinoid

Hey there cool cats! We’re back again to provide some hard-hitting cannabis facts so that you can be way cooler than your cousin Steve who just won’t shut up about his new tech startup. Like, we get it Steve, you live in San Francisco. Anyway, this week we’re looking at a minor cannabinoid that’s making a splash in the weed community due to its unique properties. It’s called THCV but is probably better known by its colloquial name: The Diet Cannabinoid. We might touch on some of the potential medicinal benefits of this cannabinoid as well and as is the case whenever we discuss something medical, please bear in mind that we aren’t doctors!

Wait, the what now?

You heard correctly, the diet cannabinoid. It is referred to as such due to its apparent ability to suppress the appetite of the person consuming it, which is great for those who tend to get the munchies and absolutely demolish an entire bowl of queso cheese with their bare hands while the family cat looks on in equal parts awe and terror. Tetrahydrocannabivarin (or THCV) has shown promising results as an appetite suppressor in studies performed on animals and cannabis producers are eyeing the benefits of a product that can be marketed as a “diet friendly” way to get your buzz on. It achieves this by blocking the CB1 receptor in your endocannabinoid system that is known to stimulate appetite, the end result being that even though that particular receptor is still being stimulated, it isn’t producing the same effect that makes one want to get their munch on. It’s all very sciency. As with much of the information related to cannabis and the effects of all of its components the research is still in its early stages. While the whole appetite suppression bit sounds pretty sweet the reality is we won’t know the full story until more study is done and as a result the efficacy of the appetite suppression in regard to humans is still up in the air.

On its own, THCV doesn’t appear to have any intoxicating effects. In fact, early research shows that the opposite might in fact be true, that THCV can curb THC’s high inducing effects, which makes it a good cannabinoid to keep in mind if you get way too high. It also (much like other cannabinoids) has potential for helping with a wide range of medical issues including epilepsy and diabetes!

Is there anything weed can’t do?

The more we learn about our leafy little buddy, the more we realize the potential for wellbeing that it embodies. History is packed to the rafters with examples of people using cannabis effectively for a variety of purposes without really understanding why it worked. We’re well on the road to finally achieving that understanding thanks to legalization, and we here at Circa 1818 are excited as all get out to be here for it!

So, if you enjoy weed but not the munchies, keep your ear to the ground for products that contain THCV, hopefully the hype is real, and we’ll be seeing it soon.



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