Full Spectrum Edibles VS THC Distillate Edibles

Hey folks! We’re back once again to answer you burning cannabis questions so that you can shop smarter and get more out of your bud. This week, we’re going to be talking about edibles; specifically, the relationship between edibles that are full spectrum and edibles that are made using THC distillate. With more and more people looking for alternatives to smoking, these products are getting more and more attention. We’re going to be touching on minor cannabinoids, terpenes, and some of their potential benefits so as always: We aren’t doctors. On to the knowledge!

What’s the Difference?

To describe the differences between these two types of product we first need to review some terms. In case you’ve forgotten from one of our previous blog posts, the term full spectrum (or broad spectrum) means a product that contains more of the compounds that occur in cannabis than just THC. You’ll find products that are described as being made with live rosin, hash rosin etc. These products are all full or broad spectrum. Anything else that doesn’t call itself out in such a way can safely be described as being made with just THC distillate, which means that it doesn’t contain the other minor cannabinoids and terpenes that full or broad-spectrum products do.

What does that mean to me?

Good question, cause without explanation the stuff I said above is just a word salad. In essence, anything full spectrum is going to produce a more robust high that many find more enjoyable and pronounced due to having more of the properties of cannabis working in unison, the way nature intended. Say you were going to bake a cake but you don’t have the ingredients to do so. So, you call your buddy up and ask him to bring the ingredients to make a cake over to your house so you can get baking and caking. You wait patiently and then when your buddy shows up, all he has is a bag of sugar. This is kind of how it works with THC distillate vs broad or full spectrum products, with sugar standing in for THC in this analogy. The THC is an ingredient that definitely provides a lot of the effects we look for in cannabis, but it isn’t the only thing going on. Only when we have all of the ingredients working in conjunction with one another do we end up with the full effect of the cannabis we’re consuming.

Now I Want Cake….

You always want cake. Anyway, whether you’re considering getting into edibles for the first time or have tried them and found that they didn’t quite scratch that cannabis itch, consider edibles that describe themselves as being made with live rosin, hash rosin or describe themselves as being full spectrum. You might just find that they are just the thing you’ve been looking for.



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