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Hey folks! Hopefully everyone is enjoying the last little hiccups of summer before we dive headfirst into what will hopefully be a calm, happy little fall. I’d say I probably get asked what the differences are between the different types of concentrates and extracts that we have available (and we have more than a few) at least once a day. So, I figured to save me having to answer and to save you having to ask, we’re going to break down the different types of concentrates and extracts that are currently on the market.

A Rainbow of Extracts

We’ve talked about concentrates and extracts before in previous blog posts, touching a bit on the methods of manufacturing that are commonly used to produce them. For a quick refresher, the terms concentrate and extracts are generally used interchangeably, however there is a difference. Extracts can be produced using a variety of sciency (that’s a technical term, trust me) methods that utilize chemicals or compression in order to extract the properties of the plant while concentrates generally use mechanical methods to produce the good stuff (ie. Heat and pressure or agitation of the trichomes). So, bearing that in mind here is a breakdown of the different types of refined cannabis extracts that are available and the methods generally used to produce them!

THC Distillate

One of the most common extracts you’ll find on the market come in the form of vape carts that contain THC distillate. THC distillate is in essence extracted THC from a flower that’s been refined and concentrated to the point where the potency is much higher per volume than what you would get in the flower. It generally doesn’t contain the terpenes or minor cannabinoids that occur in the plant naturally, if one is seeking something that’s full spectrum (contains all the plants properties) then you’d have to look towards live resin extracts. Which is a great segue….

Live Resin/Rosin

Live Resin is made using various different extraction and refining techniques to produce an extract that contains the full width and breadth of the flower’s components. Minor cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids they’re all there. The end result is a much more robust, flower like high that still hits high THC levels. Sometimes you might find products that are touted as being live ROSIN as opposed to RESIN. The key difference between these two -vowel’s notwithstanding- is that rosin is produced without the use of additional chemicals and thus would fall under the banner of concentrate as opposed to being an extract.


Shatter is almost certainly one of the most distinct and recognizable extract out there. A brittle, glass like substance that is produced using chemical extraction methods, it contains eye wateringly high THC potency. Usually, you would need a dab rig of some kind in order to consume shatter, however there are pre rolls that have been hitting the market for the last couple of years that are infused with shatter, thus raising their potency significantly.


Badder is made from live resin extract, which is then “whipped”. The end result is something that has a buttery sort of texture. Hence why this stuff is interchangeably referred to as Budder or Badder. Like most other extracts, best method for consumption for this stuff would be through a dab rig or concentrate consumption device (like a concentrate vape pen). It features high THC potency as well as a good concentration of terps, owing to the live resin used to produce it.


Wax, as the name suggests, is a waxy like extract produced using solvent extraction-based methods, usually from a live resin. It’s more or less the same thing as a budder or badder, except it is not whipped to attain the consistency of budder. Like most of the other items on this list, it can be consumed via dab rig or concentrate consumption device.


The last extract we’re going to touch on is THCa. THCa is regular old delta 9 THC that is still in its acidic form and has not yet been activated to produce intoxicating effects. It’s produced using a refinement process that creates a product that on its own is non-intoxicating.  When activated through the application of heat, it produces high potency THC that has yet to lose any of its efficacy or potency. In simpler terms, consuming THCa is like getting cookies fresh out of the oven, all warm and chewy. It has started to appear in vape carts, infused pre rolls and more, making it easier and easier for people to try it out.

Is That Everything?

There are myriad variants on these different extracts and concentrates that exist out there, but to list them all would be incredibly exhaustive and to describe them in their entirety could fill a book or two.

If you see anything in our store that doesn’t fall into a category that you recognize, never be afraid to ask! Any budtender worth the air they breathe should be able to easily help you identify different types of cannabis products and the best methods for consumption.

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