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Getting the most out of Cannabinoids

Hey folks! We’re back again with another blog post to help you make sense of your weed. Aging has myriad benefits: from wisdom gained through experience, to the joys that come from growing your life. That being said, the downside of aging is that your body starts looking for new and exciting ways to cause you discomfort and pain. Like what’s the deal with knees? There was a time when I could climb mountains and dropkick the sky. Now I need to prepare myself mentally before picking something up off of the floor…. anyway. Even those who haven’t yet tasted the bitter sting of times venomous sting can be victims of life’s tendency to punish us for the audacity of being alive in the form of aches, pains, sleeplessness, and anxiety.

A huge number of the customers we see on a daily basis are people who are looking to use cannabis as a means to alleviate some of the ills that plague them, and a lot of them have been getting fantastic results. So, this week we’re going to be talking about how to get the absolute most out of your cannabis when it comes to wellness and improving your overall quality of life. Disclaimer time! I’m not a doctor. My last name is Watson so my whole life people have jokingly called me ‘Dr. Watson’, but references to a fictional doctor whose BFF was a famous detective is as close as I come to being a medical resource. If in doubt, consult with medical professionals, that’s what they’re there for. On to the learnin’!

Minor Cannabinoids: Major Players

Almost everyone has heard about THC Delta 9 and CBD. These guys are what are referred to as ‘Major Cannabinoids’, and no that doesn’t mean you have to salute them. Although I guess you can if you want to. I won’t stop you. Anyway, these guys are called major cannabinoids because they are the most prominent cannabinoids found in most cannabis plants. Aside from these guys, cannabis also features a slew of other cannabinoids which science refers to as ‘Minor Cannabinoids’. So, let’s break down some of the minor cannabinoids, their benefits and how to get the most out of consuming them.

First up, CBG. Also known by its full name, Cannabigerol, is becoming almost as famous as CBD for the myriad of benefits it provides. It’s been identified as being fantastic for gut health, anxiety, and a host of other things. It’s actually what’s referred to as the ‘Mother Cannabinoid’ due to it being the first cannabinoid to occur naturally in the cannabis plant. It then goes on to change through a process called chemical degradation until it has transformed into all of the other cannabinoids. When taken on its own one can expect a subtle but noticeable relief of stomach cramping and discomfort alongside a feeling of energetic ease. If you’re looking to get the most out of its energy boosting properties, look for products that pair CBG with THC Delta 9. This combination will boost all of the properties of the CBG and leave you feeling happy and calm. There aren’t a lot of flower products on the market that contain CBG in quantities that allow you to fully experience its effects, but plenty of edibles and oils, so seek out those categories when looking for products with CBG.

Next let’s talk about CBN or Cannabinol as it’s known in sciencey circles. If you’ve ever been laying awake desperately seeking sleep but instead find yourself humming the tune to TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’ while the sun slowly rises, this is the cannabinoid for you. This cannabinoid is fantastic for sleep aid, being a chemically degraded form of THC that’s found in many an indica flower. When taken alone it can help someone who’s trying to sleep get there comfortably and without the drowsy wakeup that is the hallmark of other sleep aid methods. When combined with THC, it becomes the cannabis equivalent to a sleeping pill; with the THC taking your mind away while the CBN works its wonders. Like with CBG, people looking for CBN are going to have the best luck checking out the oils and edibles.

Up next, we’re going to discuss a minor cannabinoid known as Cannabichromene or CBC. This cannabinoid might be the most effective anti-inflammatory chemical in cannabis, even more effective than it’s more common cousin CBD. This makes it a must have for anyone seeking relief from inflammation-based pain. It also improves the efficacy of other cannabinoids that are present in your bloodstream, meaning that other cannabinoids like THC and CBD be rendered and absorbed more efficiently by your body. Like with all cannabinoids, to get the most out of CBC one should take it in conjunction with other cannabinoids. This is also another one to check out in the oils and edibles sections, with more and more brands featuring it as a cannabinoid intended to help you fight pain.

And that’s a very brief breakdown of some of the minor cannabinoids that you can find in cannabis products on the regulated market today. There are tons of minor cannabinoids that we didn’t touch on today which we’ll probably discuss in a later blog, all of which bring something different to the table.

So, if you’re like me and your body is slowly but surely trying to peel itself, check out some of these minor cannabinoids to help you alleviate your burdens so you can get back to living.

Did I pique your interest? Check out our menu full of oils, edibles and more to help you find the relief you’re looking for!


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