Strain Highlight: Runtz

Hey folks! Welcome back to another exciting and informative segment of “Strain Highlight” where we talk about a particular strain of weed…usually based on what I happen to be smoking at home. This week, we’re going to be taking a gander at a tasty little hybrid that almost everyone seems to love: a happy little bud named Runtz.

Origin Story

The Runtz strain owes its existence to the Cookies family of breeders. These are the guys that are most famous for the famous Girl Scout Cookies strain that you can find in almost any cannabis dispensary. They are also responsible for the creation of a few other mainstay strains, Runtz being one of the most popular. This little fella is the love child of Zkittles and Gelato strains and was named after the popular candy. Which I now have a craving for.

The Stats

Runtz is a unique hybrid in the sense that it’s a fairly balanced flower that doesn’t lean too heavily towards Sativa or Indica. Although you’ll find some breeders have crossed their Runtz strains and ended up with varieties that skew one way or the other. On average it tends to come in with fairly high potency, anywhere from 20% all the way up to 30%, making this guy a favorite for those who are looking for a flower that will knock their socks off. Featuring a combo of Caryophyllene, Limonene and Myrcene, Runtz is a sweet tasting strain that has great sedative effects balanced by a creative boost that may leave you a bit couch locked but won’t leave you burning out.

While the Cookies family seem to be the originators of the Runtz strain, you can find all kinds of different varieties of it coming from different growers, sometimes by a different name. Like the White Runtz by Simply Bare, which is probably one of the most sought-after variants of Runtz on the market.

In Summary

If you’re the type of smoker who is looking for a sweet tasting, heavy hitting, firecracker of a strain to help you glide into a state of bliss with as little fuss as possible, Runtz is the strain for you. It’s fantastic for use at any time of the day (assuming you don’t mind being stoney baloney all day) thanks to its perfectly balanced effects that offer the best Indica and Sativa effects.

If you haven’t had the chance to try Runtz out and this blog has you salivating at the thought of it, check out our menu for a host of different varieties, including but not limited to the very popular Runtz strain by Nugz which offers this great flower at a very reasonable price.


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