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Hey there folks! We talk a lot about cannabis and cannabis culture on this blog as well as in store with our friends and customers. To be frank, it’s something we take pretty seriously because we’re passionate about cannabis and its potential benefits.

Sometimes though, it’s a good idea to remember that a big part of this culture is not taking things too seriously. With that in mind, and in collaboration with the rest of the staff here at Circa 1818, I’m happy to present the best stoner comedies and what cannabis strain to pair with it for maximum enjoyment, at least according to us. Note: We argued for like twenty minutes about which movie deserved the number one slot. Things started to escalate to name calling and hair pulling so I decided we would just list the top four stoner comedies in no particular order to avoid potential bloodshed. Like I said, we’re passionate people.

Half Baked

I said no particular order BUT I write the blogs so my favorite goes first. For those who don’t know, Half Baked is a 1998 stoner comedy starring Dave Chappelle and Jim Breuer that follows a group of stoner buddies trying to bail out their well meaning but incredibly high friend (played by Breuer) after he accidentally kills a diabetic police horse by feeding it candy. Some truly refined “cinema”. What it is instead is a nonstop laugh riot that includes a medical marijuana heist and the ghost of Jerry Garcia. I won’t say more for fear of spoiling it for those of you who have missed out on it but suffice to say it’s a frickan trip.

Best paired with: Animal Face. I’m not gonna lie, I laugh at this movie while I’m stone sober. Adding a happy strain like Animal Face or Sour Diesel elevates the giggles into full blown guffaws and will leave you breathlessly happy.

How High

How High is a movie about friendship, higher education, and the value of hard work. Just kidding, it’s about two buddies (Played by Method Man and Redman) who use the ashes from their dead friends remains as fertilizer for a new strain of pot that ends up allowing them to summon his ghost after smoking it. The ghost then proceeds to help them get into Harvard. This all happens in the first half hour of the movie. It’s absolutely mental and glorious in equal, feverish measure. It’s one of those movies that becomes exponentially funnier the more affected you are by cannabis. Which is why it’s….

Best paired with: Grand Daddy Purple (or really anything that locks you in the couch). Like I said, there is a direct correlation between enjoyment of this movie and how much electric lettuce one has consumed, so getting something that has a solid THC percentage and a good sedative effect is ideal. Just fuse to your seat of choice and let the ridiculousness wash over you.

Pineapple Express

Most people have heard of this movie, even if they’re not particularly enthused with cannabis culture. It stars Seth Rogen as a witless process server/heavy stoner who witnesses a murder carried out by a drug lord and must team up with his dealer to try to avoid a painful death. Which is actually the least insane premise for a stoner movie I’ve encountered thus far. Life is weird. It definitely veers towards the action genre more than the other movies on this list, with it containing at least one shootout. So, for those wished that Last Action Hero had more bong hits, this movie is for you.

Best paired with: Pineapple Express. I feel I don’t need to explain this any further.

Up in Smoke

This wouldn’t be a complete list of the best stoner comedies of all time without mentioning the movie that put stoner comedies on the map. Almost everyone who has ever flared up a joint knows who Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong are and this movie is arguably why. It’s a roadtrip/buddy comedy where two newfound friends end up going to great and insane lengths to procure tasty ganja whilst avoiding trouble with the law. All and all it’s a cinematic classic that features some incredibly quotable lines of dialogue and a pair of leading men who are so insanely high the whole time, I’m weirdly confident they had no idea they were being filmed.

Best paired with: Hindu Kush, one of the original landrace strains that has a great body high and a taste that evokes that old school bud vibe. Cause you can’t go wrong with pairing a classic with a classic.

And that’s our list of the definitive stoner comedies and what strain of weed will best elevate the experience. So, next movie night get your weed on and pull up one of these weed themed laugh riots, you’ll be glad you did!  If you think we missed any that deserve mention, give them a shout out in the comments!

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