Strain Highlights: Durban Poison

Hey folks! Here we are again with another strain highlight that gives us an opportunity to help you to learn more about cannabis while also allowing us to flex our knowledge and feel awesome. See mom? I told you smoking pot and reading Wikipedia would pay off one day!

This time around, we’re going to be looking at a South African landrace strain with a name almost as notorious as its effects: Durban Poison.


Yep! Though not to worry, the latter part of the name is a call out to its incredibly psychoactive nature and not a warning against consumption. The first part of the name is a reference to the South African city of Durban, which is where this absolute unit of a sativa originated. Cannabis had been growing for hundreds if not thousands of years on the African continent with the indigenous people cultivating it for a variety of uses. However, the strain that became Durban Poison didn’t really gain notoriety until the 1970’s when an American breeder named Ed Rosenthal brought seeds back home with him and started dispensing it to other growers and enthusiasts who worked to shorten the flower time of the plant and increase its efficacy. The end result is a flower that was so potent that it earned itself a warning label type moniker. With an upbeat, borderline over-energized high, it has made waves in the recreational and medical circles due to being one of the highest potency sativa strains around. If you’re looking for a good strain to get high and listen to music with, this is your buddy.

I Wanna Try It!

There’s a good chance you already have sampled its genetics in other strains, but it is always nice to be able to consume a landrace strain in its pure form. At present in Ontario’s regulated market, there aren’t a lot of ways to get the flower in its landrace form with very few Licensed Producers currently offering a pure form of it. However, its genetics have made their way into other popular strains, like the super popular Girl Scout Cookies! Due to its genetic stability it’s a very good strain to cross other strains with. It is also not a very difficult plant to grow, making it a favorite of consumers and growers the world over.

Genetic Stability?

Yeah! The more stable a cannabis plant is genetically speaking, the more likely it is to retain their unique characteristics when cross bred with other strains. This quality rarely occurs naturally and is generally going to be the result of tireless efforts on the part of experienced and passionate growers. Durban Poison is beloved because of its tendency to stay true to its active, cerebral high.


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