The state of THC in Ontario 2023

Hey folks! Brynn here with your weekly blast of cannabis knowledge to help keep you in the know. Since the regulated market for cannabis first stepped blinking into the sun, there have been some substantial changes. The most substantial of these changes is probably the dizzying heights THC testing has reached, with numbers in the 30 percent range becoming the norm as opposed to the exception. While the majority of these numbers are verifiable and are the result of the improvements in the growing and curing process that are a direct result of regulation, some of the numbers have pushed things to the point where some consumers and experts are calling shenanigans. So, what is the truth? Is THC really being blown out of proportion? More importantly, should this change the way we shop for weed? I’m gonna toss on my investigating jacket and see if I can find some answers for you lovely people! (Disclaimer: my investigating jacket is just my regular jacket, but I roll up the sleeves sit up straight… it in no way aids the process.)

I’m ready detective!

Ok so, right off the bat I’ll let you know that there isn’t yet a definitive answer as to whether or not THC numbers are being boosted by dubious testing processes. What I can tell you is that there have been a few independent testers who have run their own tests on high THC flower and in a few instances found that the numbers were off. In some cases, waaaaay off. Thankfully, these discrepancies seem to be the exception as opposed to the rule. The vast majority of cannabis producers are invested in having accurate testing practices applied to their products because they see the benefits in oversight and transparency in this market. Simply put, if they lie to us about the potency of their products, we will find out during our consumption of said product and that will make us not want to engage with that company again. It’s to everyone’s benefit to remain honest in this industry, and most of the growers know that. The ones who don’t are going to learn that lesson very quickly since the average cannabis consumer is becoming much savvier and learning more about how cannabis works.

So…how should I shop for weed?

At the end of the day, THC is just one component of cannabis and really shouldn’t be used as a gauge for potency in the first place. There are so many other cannabinoids and features of the plant that play a part in our individual experiences with cannabis; THC is just an ingredient, a part of the whole. When shopping for cannabis one should consider the grower since the quality of the grow is going to determine the quality of the experience in most case. So, if you know that a grower has a great reputation for producing dank weed, check them out! One should also take into consideration their own experiences in the past. If you smoked some Purple strains back in the day and they always did right by you, it stands to reason that seeking out other purple strains will also produce a pleasant experience. The final component in shopping for cannabis is arguably the most important: Find budtenders you trust. A good budtender knows that THC is not the gold standard for what makes quality cannabis and will ask you questions to help guide you towards a strain they know meets your needs.

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