Cannabis and Pets: What you need to know.

Hey folks! We are back once again with a blast of cannabis knowledge that will help you be the talk of the party. This week we’re going to be talking about a question we get asked every now and then: “What cannabis products can I give to my pets?”.  The very first thing we need to establish is that all of the cannabis products being created for the purposes of consumption under Health Canada regulations are being created with the intention that humans are going to be the ones consuming it. That means that every product you can purchase in a cannabis retail location – including Circa 1818 – has not been fine tuned for your pets’ unique needs.  As with any time that we’re discussing potential medical facts and information, it’s important to remember that we are not doctors or veterinarians! At this point in my life, I’ve actually been in school long enough to be a doctor…which is a stark realization that I’m now going to gloss over. Onto the info!

Humans vs Animals

For the same reason that Fido can’t have half of your chocolate bar, they also can’t have THC. In one of our earlier posts, you may recall me explaining how cannabis interacts with receptors within your brain and body and those reactions cause us to be affected by cannabis in a variety of ways. This receptor business also holds true for animals. The key difference, however, is that a lot of animals – like dogs for instance – have way more receptors than we do and the interaction between the cannabinoids and their receptors is an entirely different process. This means that if your dog was to imbibe THC, it could prove to be toxic and harmful to them because the intoxication that they experience is much more pronounced. To sum it up, don’t give you pets THC. Not only could it harm them, but also it’s just poor form to get anyone or anything intoxicated without their consent, and since dogs can’t consent, don’t do it!

Now, that being said, there is potential for CBD and other minor cannabinoids to provide health benefits and pain management to pets in need. In fact, there are ton of anecdotal and independent surveys that have found that CBD in pets can help reduce symptoms from conditions that cause seizures, help with pain management and more. However, no substantial amount of government mandated research has been performed and as such, there’s a lot of uncertainty in the medical community in regard to whether or not pets benefit from CBD in the same way that humans do.

So, what’s the verdict?

There isn’t one! The jury is still very much in deliberation as far as pets and cannabis go. There is an  almost absolute certainty that THC is not good for them, but many pet owners and cannabis advocates tout the benefits of CBD. If you are considering CBD for you beloved fluff-fluff, talk to your vet first so that you are approaching the situation armed with everything you need to make an informed decision. While no veterinarians are currently able to prescribe or even to endorse cannabis for pets and animals, they can at least direct you to resources that can help you make the best choice for your furriest family member.

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