A Year in Review: The Sequel

Hey folks! It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since Circa 1818 first opened its doors and started slinging weed to the good people of Cobourg, but here we are. Last year, I interrogated the ownership and staff here in order to determine the favorite cannabis strains each person had consumed within the regulated industry. This year has seen a lot of diversity and outside the box thinking come from some of the licensed producers in Canada’s cannabis industry so, instead of focusing solely on cannabis strains, this year I’m going to be asking everyone what their favorite cannabis product is. This could include some edibles, some oils, some flower of course and undoubtedly some concentrates; cause sequels always have to be bigger and better right? So, sit tight while I channel my inner Jack Bauer and pry the answers to my pressing questions from the good people who keep the lights on at Circa 1818.


If we’re going to do this we might as well start at the top, so first up is our fearless leader and the brains behind this operation. I was totally prepared to have to pester him to get an answer, however this was not the case. Pretty much immediately after I posed the question he giddily responded, “Crab Cakes!!!”. This was not a huge shock since the flower he chose is an absolute beauty that provides a smooth smoke, followed by a creative/focused high that is ideal for reducing stress. Produced by a cannabis brand called Skosha, this incredibly potent sativa regularly clocks in at an eye watering 39% THC and has a high concentration of terpenes that give it a burst of flavour. Skosha is a brand out of (you guessed it) Nova Scotia that the Circa family has long been fans of. Like all the best growers, their consistency and potency makes them easy to love.


Natasha is a busy lady. She’s one of those work while she’s sleeping types, so getting her to settle down for a minute to give me an answer to this burning question proved to be a task. I persevered somehow and managed to finally get her to stop moving long enough to pick a favorite. She was torn between two choices (which you’ll see becomes something of a trend going forward) and since she has the power to schedule me on all morning shifts if I displease her, she gets two picks. Her two selections are General Admissions Maui Wowie vape cart and the White Fire vape cart by Debunk. Both give her an uplifting, energetic high that keeps her fueled up and happy. Also, the flavour on both of her picks are out of this world. Both have made a name for themselves by producing potent vape carts that feature a taste people can’t seem to get enough of.


Much like last year, Syd was torn between a few different products from a few different categories. After some manic deliberation, she was finally able to settle on…..two items. After I demanded she pick one she had to take some time to go on a spiritual journey of self discovery before finally picking…..the same two items. As such, I’ve opted to show pity on our good friend Syd and allow her to bend the rules just this once. First up is the Strawberry Cough live resin vape cartridge by Greybeard. Greybeard is a producer of some of the best, highest terpene live resin on the market and their Strawberry Cough is a titan of taste. A hybrid boasting an appropriately intense strawberry flavour that will keep you puffing away until it’s suddenly and tragically gone. Her other pick was the Cuban Lynx vape cart from Tribal. Cuban Lynx has been a favorite at our store in whatever format it appears in but is at its absolute peak in vape cart form. With its terps concentrated up to 12% its flavour absolutely kicks you in the teeth. Being a high potency sativa, it’s perfect for someone like Syd who loves to hit her vape while staying active.


Next up is Beck. After I finished tracking him down and aggressively asking him what his favorite product of the year was he panicked. He then heard that I bent the rules for Syd and allowed her to pick two, so he eagerly and greedily requested the same treatment. Obviously I said no. He then started crying, so I conceded. I can’t stand to watch a grown man weep. First up is Gas Leak by Wagners, a potent and (as the name implies) gassy strain that provided him with a shockingly intense high that mellowed him out as his evening went on. Wagners is a brand that we’ve carried since day one and they boast a wide variety of strains that pack a very reasonable bang for buck potential. For his second pick, he picked an entire brand. Namely the Wyld brand of gummies. Packed with natural flavours and sold in compostable packages, they’re delicious AND eco friendly.


Adam was able to provide me his pick with very little soul searching. Of all of the weed he has smoked this year (and there has been A LOT) one in particular was so good that I’m pretty sure he wants to form a religion around it. I’m speaking of the MAC v2 by Volo. To quote Adam: “The fact a Canadian company went down to the states to partner with Capulator (the creator of the famous MAC 1 strain) is awesome. The bag appeal is 10 out of 10 and the high for me is a solid 9. It hit all the marks.” So, high praise from Adam for a product that I have yet to hear anything remotely negative about thanks to its sky-high THC and Terps. Volo, the producer of this awe-inspiring ganja, is a grower of high-quality craft cannabis who rely on their partnership with Capulator to bring Canadians some absolutely primo genetics from across the border. If you haven’t tried any of their flower yet, I highly recommend you make it a priority.


Katie, like Syd and Beck, was torn between several items. However, since she didn’t think to ask if she could pick more than one and I wasn’t about to admit my own sentimental weakness, she forced herself to narrow her list down and pick the best. After careful consideration and ample use of several flow charts, she decided that her pick of the year is Galactic Rntz by Tribal. When it comes to quality for price, we’re pretty sure Tribal takes the cake, and their Galactic Rntz strain is one of the best of the batch. A sweet and fruity indica that boasts higher than average terps, this little beauty is a staple in our store. If you’re looking for a nice mellow chill on the couch until you become the couch kinda high, this is a good pick.


Yours truly has been thinking about this question long and hard. With so many different products from different categories to choose from, how do I choose? Well, after narrowing it down to a few items and then writing so many pros and cons lists that my house started to look like the killer’s apartment in the movie “Seven”, I decided my favorite product of the year is Rares, by Carmel. Carmel is a producer I’ve mentioned before on this blog because of their incredible, high quality craft flower. Their Rares line is a rotating selection of upper tier flower that currently features their take on a Pink strain. Almost everyone has tried a Pink Kush, but this is without a doubt the best variant of that strain type I’ve ever encountered, and I’ve met more than a few. If you’re looking for a high THC, high terp flower that will absolutely knock your block off, give it a try.

Honorable Mention

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention a product that is in effect one of the best value-based products we’ve ever had. The Lowkey brand by MTL Cannabis features two strains, (Dessert and Haze), which both bring high THC and high Terps to the table at a price so reasonable it had us going through an existential crisis.


And that’s our Year in Review! Another great year, another slew of awesome cannabis products. We can’t thank all of you enough for the love and support over the last two years, it’s been a wild journey so far. We look forward to continuing to be your go to local cannabis retailer for many years to come!

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