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Tips and Tricks for Cannabis “Cannasseurs”

“Help me, I’m way too high!” and other misadventures in the world of cannabis.

Almost everyone has had an experience where they felt like they were going to melt due to either consuming too much cannabis, or cannabis that was beyond their normal potency tolerance. If you have felt this way, or feel that way right now, it’s going to be ok! Due to how cannabis interacts with our internal system (covered in our first blog post) it is quite impossible to overdose. There have been zero recorded deaths due strictly to the consumption of cannabis, and you’re not going to be the first. That being said there’s nothing fun about a negative cannabis experience and the feeling of being overwhelmed by smoking a little too much weed can be alleviated in a couple different ways.

Have a cool glass of water

Cannabis consumption tends to dehydrate the human body, so grabbing a nice cool glass of water is a good way to rehydrate your system. At the same time, the cold shock of the water to your system should help to alleviate some of the panic you might be feeling. Also drinking more water is just a generally good idea.

Try some CBD!

CBD (the non-psychoactive component in cannabis) has properties that “cushion the blow” of THC, so to speak. CBD and other cannabinoids have been shown to have amazing anti-anxiety properties, so popping a CBD Capsule or some sublingual oils that have strictly CBD with no THC can help to relax you so you can enjoy your high without going to the moon.

Try some Black Pepper…. wait what?

That’s right, the common and noble black pepper which adorns your spice rack is capable of much more than simply boosting the flavour of your meals. The reason for this is that black pepper contains the terpene Caryophyllene, which is also found in the cannabis plant. This terpene is capable of blocking some of your endocannabinoid receptors and will increase the tranquil effects of the THC while curbing the more intense anxiety that might be occurring.

Eat some food

This one is probably the easiest to accomplish since THC has a tendency to give us the “munchies” anyway. The reason for this is convoluted and involves blood sucrose levels and other things that I’m not remotely qualified to theorize about. Ultimately, getting some food into you will help to distract you from the concern that your hands are getting bigger while at the same time alleviating the THC anxiety. Throw some black pepper on whatever you’re eating for a double whammy of anxiety relief.

Go for a walk

Fresh air is good for you, that’s just a fact. The open air and some bright sunlight might be all you need to bring you back down. If that’s not enough however, going for a short walk will not only give you something else to focus on but will also help to lower your blood pressure.

Chill out

Ultimately, the best way to bring yourself down from a crazy cannabis high is to remind yourself that you’re going to be ok. This in conjunction with any of the other methods listed here will bring you back down to Earth, so you can enjoy your high without worry.

For more information on proper cannabis dosing, visit us today!

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