The Many Ways of Consuming Weed

What if I Don’t Want to Smoke?

Cannabis is an incredible plant that has a lot of amazing properties that allow us to feel better and have fun in a safe and natural way. Most people smoke their flower, either by rolling a joint or by packing a bong bowl but there is a growing number of people who are concerned for the health of their lungs and want to find alternative methods to smoking that doesn’t involve burning and inhaling plant matter. Thankfully, science and likeminded cannabis aficionados have come together to provide us with a vast array of alternative methods to smoking cannabis.


Easily one of if not the most common alternative method to smoking cannabis is eating it. People have been eating cannabis longer than they have been smoking it historically so it’s a valid means of getting what you want out of either THC or CBD. Many people report a different “body” high when eating cannabis as opposed to the more cerebral experience when smoking it, and this is owed to the process THC goes through when being metabolized and processed by your liver. That is also why there is a famous time delay of up to one hour when eating cannabis (although there are a few edibles out there that use fancy technology to be fast acting like Wana Quick gummies!).

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Vaping is still relatively new in the minds of most cannabis users, although the means of heating your cannabis without burning has been around for years by this point. Vaping comes in two forms. One can either use a dry herb vape, like the Davinci IQ2, or a concentrate vape such as the PAX 3 which can act as a dry herb and concentrate vaporizer. When one uses a vaporizer, what happens is that the dry herb or concentrate is heated to the point that the THC and CBD potential are unlocked through a heat-based process known as decarboxylation. Once it’s heated up, the vapor is inhaled, usually through a mouthpiece or hose of some kind. Evolving technology have made this method a go to for those who want a convenient and potentially safer means of using cannabis. There are even pre-loaded vape carts available that only require the purchase of a battery (like the Honeystick or Vessel batteries) to use. You buy the battery and the cartridge then screw the one into the other and you are off to the races. It is convenient and a lot less obvious than flaring up a big joint, so it is a go to method for those who wish to exercise some subtlety.

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Oils come in a variety of forms, but the most common would be the sublingual oil, which is intended to be taken orally and held under one’s tongue for up to three minutes to be absorbed by the fatty tissues underneath the tongue.  The THC and CBD then make their way into the bloodstream to provide the benefits you are looking for without any possibility of pulmonary issues. This method is a good one for people looking for pain management or wellness but do not want to risk the possibility that they could harm their health by imbibing through other means. There are a vast variety of oils available, and it is a quickly growing market with tons of great new products to try, like the ones by Madge and Mercer.

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Topicals are a common sight in our society, I personally have A535 on standby in my nightstand for when I inevitable pull a muscle or tear my knee in an embarrassing way. I ALSO have CBD cream ready to be deployed to help with my injuries, since CBD has potential as an anti-inflammatory agent. Many people are starting to add cannabis based topicals to their lineup of creams and ointments for good reason. It is a means of getting some of the pain relief benefits of cannabis without running the risk of engaging with the psychoactive effects. Since THC requires access to your stomach or your bloodstream to get you high, a topical will not under normal conditions be able to have any kind of groovy effect. This makes it a go to for people looking for alternative pain relief.

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There’s more!

These are just a few of the distinct categories that exist presently in the world of cannabis, a market that is growing and evolving daily. It’s a good time to be a consumer of cannabis, and it’s getting better all the time!

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