Strain Highlights: Blue Dream

Hey folks! We’re back again with another blog post where we’re going to highlight a specific cannabis strain. This time around we’re going to be putting a fan favorite under the microscope: Blue Dream. So, strap in and let’s see what we can learn together about this ever-popular California born bad boy.

Hazy Origins

As is the case with many of the different strains of cannabis we see come through our store, the exact origin of Blue Dream is shrouded in mystery. The majority of people concede that it was created in California, specifically in the Santa Cruz area, during the early 2000’s by crossing Blueberry and Haze strains together. It almost immediately started making waves in the medical cannabis community for its beneficial properties and heavy THC potential, earning itself a hallowed place in the hearts of those who are looking for a strain that will help them with pain or anxiety while still leaving them functional. Blue Dream is one of those instances where the strain got all the best parts of its parent strains with none of the bad, like getting those stunning blue-green eyes from your mom and strong chin from your dad instead of just male pattern baldness and the inability to slam dunk a basketball.

Effects and Properties

As mentioned above, Blue Dream has garnered almost universal praise due to its ability to give the user a potent, cerebral high while still allowing them to carry on with their busy day; a must for those who take cannabis medicinally but still have a life to live. Traditionally, Blue Dream is going to be boasting a decent terpene percentage with Myrcene and Alpha-Pinene standing at center stage as the most dominant terps. It has a flavour that definitely harkens back to its Blueberry genetic parent, with a fruity and light sweetness that you can’t get enough of. It is often cited as one of the best tasting strains by many cannabis users. These factors come together to make it one of the go to strains for those looking to combat chronic pain or depression as well as those who are just looking to make the world a little “dreamier”.

Blue Dreams effects have also made it a favorite of those who are artistically inclined thanks to the creativity boost that comes with its high. I virtually guarantee you have at least one head in the clouds stoner friend who smokes this strain almost exclusively because it helps lubricate the creative process. So, if you’re currently stuck in the torrid hell of a particularly bad bout of writer’s block, fire up some Blue Dream and see if it can help kickstart your brain.

A Blue Ribbon Strain

These are some of the reasons why you’ve probably heard Blue Dream talked about as one of the most beloved strains in both the regulated and legacy market. In terms of universal appeal, it really is hard to do better than this strain and that means that a ton of brands have their own version of Blue Dream kicking around. The result is a myriad of different strains bearing the Blue Dream name, which means it’s worth paying attention to the terpenes and the genetics that went into making the flower you’re selecting to make sure you’re getting what you’re looking for.


Got blue on the brain? Check out some other amazing strains that feature similar genetics as our dreamy friend: Blue Lime Pie by Wagners or Mango Haze by Color Cannabis!


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