Strain Highlight: Afghani

Hey folks! It’s time for another segment of strain highlights, where we….well…highlight strains! We’ve already covered some truly bomb strains in past posts, and this one is no exception because this week we’re going to be talking about the mighty Afghani strain.

You seem excited.

How very observant! While I’m always excited to talk about all things weed, this particular strain is a personal favorite of mine due to it being a super heavy hitting indica. Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge fan of the show stopping effects of a good indica, and this bad boy generously provides just that. Named after the region from whence it came, it lives up to the reputation of middle eastern cannabis strains by boasting a high THC content alongside a rich helping of terpenes that lend it a very old school taste of earth with a hint of sweetness. It has great bag appeal, with a classic look and a heavy covering of sweet, sweet trichomes. Due to its potency and higher than average resin production, its genetics can be found in a ton of other blue-ribbon strains like the legendary Northern Lights.

That sounds delightful!       

        It does, doesn’t it! Afghani or Afghan Kush as it is sometimes called, is one of those landrace strains I’m always going on about, and as such is one of the original strains that once grew in the wild that you can still try today! As I mentioned above, it’s an indica dominant flower which means that its sedative effects are second to none. It’s a strain best saved for an evening where you want to lock yourself firmly to a couch and go absolutely wild on a bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos with absolutely zero shame. Which for me is every other Wednesday. It also shows potential as an effective strain for managing anxiety, PTSD and thanks to its heavy sedative effects, insomnia. So, if you’re sitting awake at 4:30 AM and desperate to get back to that dream about Idris Elba carrying you through a rainstorm, give the Afghani strain a try.

That…was a very specific dream.

Anyway moving on, as you can tell by my description and enthusiasm, Afghani is a fantastic strain that is perfect for that indica lover in your life. It’s also a great starting point to begin learning about cannabis genetics, since many other plants have Afghani in their lineage.


We do our best to display the lineage of every plant in our menu so you can make the most educated decision about what strain is right for you! Check out our menu and see what I mean!



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