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How to Roll a Joint

Joints, blunts, spliffs, doobies, the list of different names for what is arguably the most common manner of cannabis consumption in the western world goes on and on. Smoking a joint is tied into cannabis culture intimately, who hasn’t seen an image of Willie Nelson or Snoop Dog smoking a big fatty (another word for joints, the list goes on)? Rolling a good joint that doesn’t look like it was mangled in a machine shop accident can sometimes be difficult though; especially if you, like me, have the dexterity of a rusted thimble. So, let’s dive into the magic of joint rolling together and learn about the different methods for rolling the perfect cannabis cigarette.

The Materials

Before you get to rolling your perfect joint, you’re going to need a few things. First and foremost, cannabis! With your favorite flower in hand, it’s time to bust it up. There are a few different methods for breaking up the cannabis flower from its bud form into a form that’s going to be consumable in a joint, but the absolute best is to use a hand grinder and give it a few spins. This way the flower will be broken up into even bits, allowing for a smooth smoking experience. Now that your weed is busted up and ready to go, you need to make sure that you have some rolling papers on hand to wrap it all up in.

Having a tray or some other flat surface to work on would be ideal. You will probably also want to get a filter, either of the slim tip variety like the ones available from Raw which can be purchased in many cannabis retailers, or by making your own out of some thick paper by ripping or cutting out a rectangular shaped piece about half an inch wide. The filter will help support the mouth end of the joint while also helping to prevent you from inhaling plant matter. Our rolling papers at Circa 1818 come with filters in them so that you don’t need to search for this sometimes-vital component. You may also want a pen, or chop stick to pack the joint down.

Step 1: Making a filter

First of all, you’ll want to roll your filter. There are many different ways to roll it, but the best method that people swear by is by folding most of the paper into an accordion shape before wrapping the last bit of paper completely around it, to create a rounded tube with some folds on the inside to catch anything that might try to make its way from the joint to your mouth.

Step 2: Load it up

Take your rolling paper and lay it out on your tray or flat surface with the adhesive side away from you. Then, place your filter where you want the mouthpiece of the joint to be, holding it in place with your fingers while you take your busted weed and being loading the joint up. You’re going to want to spread the flower out evenly in the middle of the paper without overstuffing it. Overstuffing or loading a joint unevenly can inhibit air flow and ruin an otherwise perfect joint, sometimes less is more!

Step 3: The roll

Now it’s time to start rolling your joint! Pinch the joint together into a sort of canoe or taco shape using your thumbs and index fingers and start to sift the paper back and forth to allow the bud to spread more evenly. Now, you’re going to want to roll the paper into a cylindrical tube shape using your thumbs while supporting the back of the paper with your index fingers. Now it’s time to tuck the side without adhesive over the weed and slowly start to roll it towards the adhesive side, packing in the bud as you go. If any falls out, that’s ok! We can pop it back in towards the end of the process. Once the joint is cylindrical, lick the adhesive side of the rolling paper and starting at the end with the mouthpiece, slowly bring the adhesive and non-adhesive sides of the paper together to begin sealing the joint.

Now, grab your chopstick or whatever else you’re using as a packing tool and begin gently packing the bud into the joint so that it’s tight, but not too tight! Otherwise, it could affect the airflow. You can also add back in any flower that has spilled out during the rolling process by dropping the loose bud into the open end of the partially completed joint. Once the joint is packed with your desired amount of cannabis, simply take the excess paper at the end of the joint and twist it a few times to seal the joint completely.

Now, Enjoy!

If you’ve been following along, congratulations on making it this far! Your reward for your diligence? A nice puff off your freshly rolled joint. Enjoy, and don’t worry if it doesn’t look immaculate, it takes potentially years of practice to roll a quality joint and you now know everything you need to keep practicing until you’re an expert.

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